The Candle Flame

Mirabelle Maslin

This is a historical novel, set in harsh times. There are many threads to the plot - all of which contain much intrigue and factual information about what life must have been like 300-400 years ago. One dark winter's night, an unseen force attacks Molly, leaving her for dead. On their return from snaring rabbits, her husband, Sam, and his brothers, James and Alec, discover her, and slowly nurse her back to life. But she cannot speak. Determined to avenge Molly and help her to regain her voice, the brothers search for clues. Could her affliction be due to a curse? The birth of Sam and Molly's son, Nathan, raises questions about his ancestry. Who was Molly's father, and how did he meet his end? Might there be a connection between violent events of long ago and Molly's present state?

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